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Forbidden Passion

            As the heavy black thunder clouds continued to engulf the city, I quickly fled home like a prisoner escaping her destiny. With Jamie returning home from Sydney for the weekend, I wanted to be home for his arrival. Yet, with my heart still pounding inside me, I could still feel the passionate touch of Alec's stone carved hands against my face. His warm kiss was like the sun on a spring day, only just reaching the pale china which was my cheek. The feeling of ecstasy was still gushing through my veins. The danger of getting caught with the neighbour only fuelled my fire. .
             Within the safety of my own room, I made my way to the two enormous windows aside our bed. Just like my eyes, they peered down the street to Alec's house. Moving closer I could see my secret lover. .
             Strong memories filtered my mind. The images of our meetings every week were permanently with me. The night was filled with a sharp cold wind. In the pool the steam covered our bodies like a cloak hiding our secret. I can still feel the gentle touch of his lips scorching my neck with his fiery kisses. .
             The Holden Statesman's door slammed interrupting my thoughts. I was thrown back into reality. I ran down the marble stairs desperately wanting to seem as though nothing out of the ordinary was happening. I knew it was my husband Jamie as he was returning home from his monthly business trip to Sydney. .
             With him gone for a week every month I had no where else to turn, I was a lonely women on those hot summer nights and Alec was there for the taking. He was a romantic man in his mid thirties, with wavy blonde hair. His eyes held a flicker of blue and every time I peered into them I felt a sense of power rush over my body, the Topaz glass like features seemed to see the light in everyone's heart. While his arms could crush me in a moment I felt only safety in them. Finally, Alec seemed to posses a sense of mystery in his character; he was a free lance writer and artist in his spare time, which gave him a magnetic grasp over me.

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