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The Storm: Setting and Actions

             Dealing with the setting of the Storm, we should first mention a very important thing which is that Kate derived some parts of this setting from her own life. As she married a French descended-man, she affected so much by French culture and names which are one of her distinctive figures of her setting( Calixta - Bobinot -Alcee). Along with the setting of the Storm(as usually in Louisiana), Chopin uses the quick intensity of the weather to symbolize, and provoke the relationships and actions of the character's in the story. The intensity of the storm is symbolic of the intensity of Calixta's passion. The presence of the storm is the driving force behind the story and the adulterous affair. As the storm begins, climaxes and ends so does the affair and the story in a way called Consistency. At the beginning, we have onset of the literal storm, (The leaves were so still that even Bibi thought it was going to rain.). On the other hand, there is the onset of the parallel storm; the storm of passions and emotions , Calixta Alone At home and the Old lover, Alcee was searching for a shelter from the storm). This beginning is considered as the famous idiom that says ( The Lull Before The Storm ). Now the storm begins to prepare for the matter by restricting Bobinot And Bibi into the Store and forcing Alcee to get into Calixta's house. Then the natural storm rages and Calixta's passion which was hidden for 5 year also rages (The rain beat upon the low, and deluge them there.) then came the bedroom with its white bed that stirs Calixta and Alcee's forbidden sexual infatuation. She was afraid of practicing love saying ( What have you got to do with the levees)which they sandbagged the house with. Here She means her resistance for the adultery. But the Storm rages more with thunder and lightening making her indulge in Alcee's arms and forget about the levees and while the thunder is roaring she was laughing in his arm ( the thunder was roaring ) they r now in the climax of their ecstasy.

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