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The Storm

             The setting of this interesting short story sets the stage and produce the atmosphere that .
             There are several elements in the setting of the storm,.
             that will lay the groundwork for the rest of the short story. It was interesting how the .
             certain elements influence the actions of the characters throughout the story. To .
             understand and get a feel of the atmosphere, there are certain elements that we must .
             visualize. The physical setting, geological setting, and the effect they have on the .
             characters. .
             The physical setting takes on several different aspects. The main aspect is .
             the weather. The story starts out with characters Bobinot and his four-year-old son .
             Bibi, giving notice to the huge storm clouds coming in from the west. The story depicts .
             this storm as the biggest in the past two years. As the storm grows, characters .
             Bobinot and Bibi are forced to remain in the local grocery store until the storm passes.
             The forcefulness of the storm was felt in the store, however the young boy was not .
             afraid, but instead was concerned about the safety of his mother. It makes you wonder if .
             Bibi was really afraid, but at ease by placing his hand on his fathers knee. This scene .
             gave the reader a sense of a father and son waiting patiently to get home to there .
             beloved one. The weather also played a huge part in the rendezvous between the .
             characters, Calixta, and Alcee. Alcee Laballiere was riding on his horse when the storm .
             Latimer 2.
             grew stronger. When he passed by Calixta's house, he asked her if he could come in and .
             and wait until the storm passed. As the storm intensified, Calixta grew uneasy and Alcee .
             seized the moment to comfort her. Passion and lust took over, and they forgot the fact .
             that they both were married. The storm sparked the emotions of these two characters that .
             caused this innocent act of comfort that eventually turned into an affair.

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