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The Storm

             In the story "The Storm" Calixta is a good mother, has a good husband, but finds herself attracted to another man. She shows that she is a good mother by being concerned about her child who was at the store with his father during the storm; at the same time worried about their clothes being swept away. The story also shows that she has a great husband because he was concerned about her being all alone at the house, thinking she must be worried. But unfortunately she commits a sin that she will have to live with for the rest of her life. She has an affair. .
             Calixta is a good mother to her son. Even though she had an affair with Alcee, that doesn't make her a bad mother. "She sat at the side window sewing furiously on a sewing machine"(115). She was probably sewing something that was most likely for her son. When she realized that the storm had come she was greatly bothered because her husband and her son weren't home. "She went and stood at the window with a greatly disturbed look on her face"(116). "Calixta was preparing supper"(117). She prepared supper before they even came home, and because of the fact that she is a house wife, you can tell that she has time for her child. When her son came home she was extremely happy to se him."She had gasped Bibi and was kissing him effusively"(117). All these facts show that she is a fit mother for her child and even though she had a affair doesn't change that fact. .
             Calixta's husband is a great man. He seems to treat his wife with great respect, but even .
             though he is a good husband Calixta has an affair. He seems to love her more than she loves him. .
             "Bibi not arose and going across to the counter purchased a can a shrimp, of which Calixta was very fond of"(114). Just by him going to the store and buying her shrimp lets you know that he is good to her. She has an affair, but knows she can't leave him because he's such a good man. "She gave him a smacking kiss on the cheek"(117).

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