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The Storm

             The setting for "The Storm" by Kate Chopin begins with a thunderstorm. The first characters that the author mentions are Bobinot and his son Bibi. They buy a can of shrimps for Calixta but the storm catch them napping so they decide to wait in the store till the storm pass. The author changes the setting and tells about Calixta at home. A man named Alcie arrives at her house. She has not seen him in a long time. The door to the bedroom is open and the big white bed can be seen. They are totally alone in the house with no one to see them. They are trapped together in the world of the storm and cannot leave. The setting forces Alcie and Calixta together and to each other's arms. So the passion between them is the theme of the whole story.
             The storm ends at the same time as the passion. The storm is a passing event that changes nature for a short time, so the affair is passing and changes the emotions of Alcie and Calixta. The storm leaves the world peaceful, bright and clean. Chopin compares the storm with the affair like fleeting action. .
             The storm is the key to the story because it is the powerful force of nature that drives the two lovers together, which would be impossible without the storm. By showing us the storm as bringing freshness and happiness, the author suggests that it would bring happiness to the relationships of both families. If the storm had not happened, Calixta would have been angry with her husband, Bobinot, for coming home so ragged. Also, Alcie sent his wife, Clarisse a letter and she didn't worry about staying in Biloxi a little longer. The storm renews the relationships between the families by showing the love after the passion. .
             In conclusion, Chopin uses the storm to symbolize the freshness and renewing that comes from the actions of Calixta and Alcie. The author makes the storm the driving force in bringing the two main characters together. The thunderstorm is parallel with the passion and brings happiness to everyone.

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