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The perfect storm

             In the book "The Perfect Storm", the seven fishermen had to go through many hardships to try and stay alive, because it was them against the swells. Seven fishermen didn't really know what they had gotten themselves into. They had thought it was a normal storm, like all of the others they had all gone through, but in reality it was a perfect storm.
             First, the mourning after they had gotten back from a fishing trip, all seven of the fishermen got a call from their captain saying that he wanted to go out again. All seven of them agreed to go until no more fish came out of the water. They had 24 hours to get prepared for their next trip out. When they go out to sea the fish are the ones who are going to be able to keep the fishermen alive by paying their household bills for their families at home. "Be that as it may, the Andrea Gail sold her catch to O"Hara Seafood's for 136,812 plus another 4,770 for a small amount of tuna" (pg.14). As you could see they make a lot of money, until the owner of the fishing company, and owner of the boat says that he gets half and they split the rest. .
             Second, fishing is definitely not an easy job for everyone. The seven fishermen work as a team, to catch the fish, then they get the fish on deck, and then they have a second team who slices the fish open and then fills the fish with ice so that it can stay fresh. If you thought that was hard they have to climb around the boat to check devices to make sure that they are working properly. "They check the hatches on the cazarette where the steering mechanism is housed, and make sure that they are secure" (pg122). This is where the steering mechanism is and they must check it to make sure that it is secure. Fishing is definitely not a job for me because I do not like big swells. .
             Thirdly, the fishermen want to go to a place where the fish just swim around like it is no ones business until they get there. The place where they want to go to is called the great banks.

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