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Perfect storm

            "You know from the start that the Andrea Gail is doomed, but Junger keeps the suspense level high nevertheless, putting you on-board and making the lure of fishing understandable, the fate of these men memorable" Stated Men's Journal; .
             Yet, how does Sebastian Junger do it exactly, how does he keep the reader interested in the "Perfect Storm" knowing the outcome of the Andrea Gail? It's simple, Junger uses a massive amount of in-depth detail and information by creating flash points enabling the reader to actually put themselves in an extreme position of a swordfisherman without physically having to be there. Junger explains just exactly how brutal and hard, not to mention intense it is to be a fisherman while following certain elements of fiction, describing the risks of the fishermen, emphasizing on the roughness of the storm, and imagery. His unique usage of facts, descriptive words/phrases, and situations other commercial fishermen were in, completely opens the reader's imagination and allows them to be aboard the Andrea Gail. .
             Nieto 2.
             Throughout "The Perfect Storm" Junger used elements of fiction. Hayden White states, "Elements mean nothing historically in themselves." Which is true simply because we have to interpret them. Therefore, Junger knew he had an overwhelming story to tell and in order to tell it he followed certain steps just like a fiction novel. First, he had to come up with a plot line, which in this case ended up being sort of an epic. Second, he knew the setting would be October 1991 at sea. Third, he used mythos of the sea, followed by.
             foreshadowing/personification. While following these particular steps Junger was able to allow the reader to mentally put himself or herself in Gloucester and aboard the Andrea Gail. .
             While reading "The Perfect Storm" the reader notices that swordfishermen and other commercial fisherman deal with multiple risks. One major and very important risk they take is the possibility of losing their own life.

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