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Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices

            At first glance the Maestro looks more like the popular Apple iPad then your stereotypical communication device. After reading over the material provided on the Dynavox website, I am convinced it is not much different than an iPad. Some of the main features on the Maestro are Wi-Fi capability, preloaded Board maker and Windows software, Bluetooth capability, 2 mega pixel camera, video recorder, email and text messaging capabilities. The Maestro, at anytime, can become a fully functioning computer capable of creating and printing Windows documents and browsing the internet through the use of a preloaded Mozilla web browser. .
             One feature that particularly allows for independence around one's home environment is the ability to program the Maestro into a fully functioning remote control for televisions, CD players, light switches, ceiling fans or any other device that can be operated with the use of a remote control. The device can also be used as an eBook reader that can read the book allowed to the user or even allow the user to highlight and save passages of particular interest. It has the ability to play three different types of audio files and can be used as an mp3 player as well. This device is quite advanced and can do much more then listed above. The device has the ability to split the screen into quadrants, allowing the user to have four different pages open at once. .
             The other helpful feature the Maestro has is a prediction text mode in which will auto complete common words used to make speech faster and easier for its user. The Maestro can also store popular phrases by the user such as "Hello, how are you doing Marilyn." This allows the user to make conversation with a person they see on frequent basis much easier and quicker. The Maestro also automatically conjugates verbs for its user to make speech sound more normal and proper. The device can be fully customized to meet the needs and personality of up to five users.

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