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English Language - The Process of Word Formation

            In the English language, the word formation process creates new words and puts them in different grammatical categories, as well as creates new meanings to some words. Word formation has different stages/processes, working in conjunction with each other in order to form words. The purpose of this investigation is to study word formation examples, and to investigate how word formation influences English language in terms of its grammatical categories and words meanings which have been created through the formation of word formation, as well as explaining the process that took place.
             There are different processes of word formation in the English language: derivation, compounding, borrowing, coinage, affixation, blending, acronyms, clipping, back-formation, free and bound morphemes, and inflection). All these processes can show people the variations and changes in the word formation of languages. The processes will be explained throughout the essay.
             1- Derivation: is the process of creating new words by a root modification without adding other roots. For example: happiness, resubmit, carefully etc.
             2- Compounding: a compound is a word that consists of more than one lexeme (word). For example the word "mailman" is a word formed by compounding two words together: "mail" and "man" to form one word which is defined by the man who delivers mail.
             3- Borrowing: taking one or more words from a language into another language. The term borrowing is also called "loaning". English language has many loan words, for example:.
             • Jacket - Turkish.
             • Biology - German.
             • Ozone - German.
             • Fiance - French.
             4- Coinage: it is the invention of new words usually related to products, for example: "Kleenex" is the product of tissue paper, but consumers call all tissue paper brands as Kleenex. Also, "Xerox" is the product of a photocopying machine, but consumers call most photocopiers as Xerox despite the brand.

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