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The Basics of Solar Energy

            Solar energy is created by the sun when nuclear fusion reactions occur in its core. It can be used to execute tasks such as providing hot water to, heating, cooling, and lighting buildings by generating copious amounts of electricity. It is hands down the most important and vital factor of life of earth. Any significant change in the power of its radiation would alter life on Earth as we know it or end life on Earth all together. .
             The Earth naturally collects energy from the sun by means of plant life, oceans, and the atmosphere. Humans can and may use this solar power to influence the field of technology. A direct way to obtain solar energy is by using one of two potential and different kinds of artificial collectors. These artificial collectors can be either flat plate or concentrating collectors. Flat plate collectors are thin boxes with a see-through cover. These collectors are then placed on rooftops facing the direction of the sun and are used for water and space heating. Concentrating collectors, however, are more complicated and expensive than their flat plat alternative. They are more useful when it comes to air conditioning and central power generation. The temperatures they are capable of reaching are higher than that of flat plate collectors. .
             Solar energy is also used to heat buildings without the additions of special devices. This form of heating a building is maintained by its architectural design and construction consistent with large windows and absorbing materials. If a building is designed in this manner it can reduce an energy bill by up to 50 percent. For the purposes of cooling, an absorption air conditioner uses a solar collector that stimulates the cooling process. This is because the process of evaporation requires heat energy. .
             Photovoltaics are necessary for solar energy conversion; these photovoltaics are made from silicon or other semiconductor resources in order to convert obtained solar energy into electricity for our use.

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