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Environmental Factors for Saving Earth

            Renewable energy is efficient, reliable, and clean. Solar and wind energy has introduced our world to a new beginning and also a safe and affordable way to keep the Earth clean and alive. Not only does solar and wind energy create revenue that is necessary for economic needs it stimulates the creation of roads, schools, libraries, etc. The infinite amounts of energy and creation of stable economic growth solar and wind energy has produced has triumphantly increased over the years. Clean Line Energy is a transmission system that helps deliver thousands of megawatts of renewable energy to communities and cities all around who are in desperate need of clean and reliable energy, but lack the resources to gain these energies. "Wind and solar energy are reliable sources of electricity that can diversify our nation's energy portfolio" (CLE), the United States is gradually rising in the amounts of pollution and excess wastes that have been accumulated over the years. Although the preservation of energy may be costly, the increase in global pollution could eventually cost not only money but lives. The world is in desperate need of any help it can receive, and as of now solar and wind energy are the few resources that are capable of ensuring the preservation of the Earth. The author of Wind Power Basics, Dan Chiras discretely introduces many topics that are involved with wind Energy. "The generators of wind turbines are often protected from the elements by a durable housing made from fiberglass or aluminum" (Pg. 34). The construction of wind turbines that produce wind energy are more complex than what was anticipated. Knowing the way they work and how they are built helps gain an understanding on how the energy is accurately produced. The technological advances in not only solar energy, but also wind energy will make it possible to create a long lasting sustainable earth in the far future.

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