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Sales Representatives - Interpersonal Perceptions

             The aim of this report is to present the various insights derived from interpersonal perception that should be taken into account by sales representatives wishing to improve his/her social and communication skills. I will illustrate how the concepts of interpersonal perception, attitude and attribution theory come into play during a normal daily activity and how they affect the outcome. I will explain the connection between the above-mentioned concepts is a car salesman selling a Porsche Cayenne car model to a man that loves outdoor activities.
             Interpersonal perception can be defined as "a specific area of psychology related to how people view one another. This theory of perception is considered an important part of effective communication because it examines the various judgements that people make about others based on both verbal and non-verbal cues. Understanding these behaviors is often helpful for eliciting favorable reactions from other people. Studying interpersonal perception requires an observation of at least two people. Several sub-categories of social psychology, such as stereotyping and accentuation, are tied to this theory of perception as well" (wiseGEEK 2013). .
             Furthermore, within social interaction people make insight of another person's personality and how the other person perceives the other's personality through interpersonal perception. The application of interpersonal perception to daily social interaction considers how people understand the world for what it is, but responds to the cues that defines the meaning of the things in our environment (Sierra, 2010). In the social context, perception is the key to understanding people particularly in the communication process in which people create an image of another person's personality through demonstrated attitudes and beliefs and attribute them for casual judgment. These concepts will be further demonstrated in describing a real event that encompasses interaction, interpersonal perception, principles of attribution theory and attitudes.

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