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Moore's Law and Computing

             Moore's Law is as "a computing term that was originated during the time of 1970. In the simplified version of this law states it has been explained that the processing power and the processor speeds will double every twenty four months" (Mooreslaw.org, n.d.).[1]. Gordon Moore is known as the co-founder and chairman Emeritus of Intel Corporation and also the author of Moore's Law. The word "Moore's Law " was named after him. (Bellis, n.d.)[2]. As we know that Moore's Law are only eleven words long in which case it means that it has been one of the most mistaken statement in technology. .
             Why is Moore's Law Important to Computing?.
             Secondly, I have been asked to explain why Moore's Law is important in the field of computing. In my opinion Moore's Law are important to the computing because this law will help the computer processing power or the number of transistors on a chip to double every 24 months which means that the more transistors will be more accurate. Therefore, as I have realize that the Moore's law help to doubles up the processing power in which case the rapid growth in computing and the data storage has given us the ability to collect more information than a human can process in many applications. The other thing that I have gained the knowledge is that the Moore's law is important to the computing are people now a day have also been used in many digital electronic devices which also has been linked to the Moore's law. An e.g. will be Sensors, Processing Speed, Memory Capacity, I-pads, Tablets and even the number and size of pixels in Digital Cameras. (Mooreslaw.org, n.d.)[3]. The another thing why Moore's Law has been important to the computing is because the result in the IT has been greatly increased in the IT complexity as a miracle refers to the Moore's flaw in which the Moore's Flaw has been all around us. .
             How do the facts work in relation to one another?.
             Moreover, in these parts I have been asked to examine how the facts work in relation to one another so the reader has already noticed the fact that I have already specified but as we know that as a person like us we would like to find out more information about everything and in more detailed.

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