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Jack analysis

             Jack's is the most cruel and strong-willed kid on the island. He is 16 years old and the oldest of all the kids. Jack tends to be a very ambitious boy and after a while Ralph becomes his worst enemy ". Jack begins to show this hate toward Ralph when Ralph is chosen to be the leader of the boys instead of him. Jack actually has more experience as a leader than Ralph, but since Ralph showed leadership the moment he met the boys he was chosen. When Ralph sees Jack's reaction towards him being the leader he gives Jack authority over the choir. "Even the choir applauded and the freckles on Jack's Face disappeared under a blush of mortification." Pg 21.
             Besides power Jack desires hunting a lot. Jack spends so much time hunting that sometimes he forgets or simply doesn't do his duties, something that Ralph dislikes. After a piglet gets away from Jack, he promised that "Next time there would be no mercy." pg 31. When Jack starts seeing that the animals escape easily from him and the other hunters he eventually decides to use face paint to help them camouflage. After this Jack is able to kill a pig, but like always he preferred to go hunting than take care of his duties and while he was hunting he let the fire go out at the time a ship was passing. Ralph is furious at Jack and Jack has had enough, he thinks his done something right and only to hear complaints and criticism. .
             When spotting the beast the boys decide to call for a meeting. In this meeting Jack is frustrated when Ralph starts coming up with more duties to do. After the meeting Jack has had it and decides to go away and tell the boys if they want to join his tribe they may, since he can't stand Ralph any longer. Many boys decide to go with Jack and only boys that stay with Ralph are Piggy, Simon and the twins. One of Jack's principle beliefs is that his tribe will value fun over nonsense duties. Jack is now rapidly changing and become greedy, bloodthirsty, and reckless and enjoys the dark side of human nature.

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