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Buddhist Analysis of Movie "Shallow Hal"

             Can Buddhist principles be applied to mundane life? I've come to believe that Buddhism can be used in political and social arena, as well as the spiritual dimension. .
             In the sutras, we've heard, "All Dharmas are Buddhadharma." "The Buddhadharma is in the world." .
             I am new to Buddhism and I'd like to share what went through my mind as I was watching the movie "Shallow Hal." It's to show that profound Buddhadharma can be found in such a shallow movie as "Shallow Hal." .
             I chanced upon this movie and decided to make the best of the experience. I don't necessarily recommend that people go see it. Be forewarned that the plot will be revealed.
             The movie begins with our hero, played by Jack Black, prancing and cavorting about a nightclub trying to dance with the various attractive women. As he gets close to them, they would say, "Go away!!!" Right away, one senses that this guy is a loser, from a generally accepted social standpoint. He tries and tries, yet no beautiful women would want anything to do with him. He is also attracted to his neighbor, Jill, another good-looking woman. Again, the woman wants nothing to do with him. She says, "I'm not physically attracted to you!".
             Isn't this what we do in life? Aren't we like a poor player that struts and frets our hour upon the stage and is heard no more? Doesn't it seem that we kind of go through life like a "drunkard and die in a dream?" The nightclub symbolizes the desire realm. Our hero is attracted to the forms in this realm. Most humans are attracted to wealth, fame, food, comfort, and sex. Our existence is spent pursuing these things. Yet, these things betray us and we cannot hold on to them very long. Jack cannot get his woman and is depressed because of frustrated desire (symbolized by the attractive woman). .
             Jack's problem is that he cannot imagine himself being with an "ugly" girl. He is attracted to the superficiality, the veneer, the exterior beauty.

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