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Shallow Hal

            Movies are a big part of entertainment today. People enjoy going to the cinema or renting Blockbuster favorites because many of them are comical or can be related to real life, among many other reasons. We laugh at the jokes and cry about the touching moments, but do we ever think past that? Bobby and Peter Farrelly, the producers of Shallow Hal, did a good job at keeping the audience laughing with fat jokes to say the least. But if you look deeper into the theme of the movie, you will realize that Bobby and Peter are clearly criticizing the egotistical and shallow people in today's society. With the use of their film, they ultimately encourage the audience to become more acceptant and open minded of all human beings.
             The Farrelly's put forth a very strong message in their movie. Right away, the first scene is already criticizing egotistical, shallow men. In a dying man's last few minutes, the only advice he can think of giving his nine-year-old son is to be shallow. He says, "Never settle for less than the best." Then he deepens that thought by telling him, "Never marry for love, because you will regret it as I have with your mother. Marry a young woman with a nice tank and big who who's." These two statements are clearly shallow and egotistical because the father is sending a message to marry someone because they are hot, not because they are compatible or in love with each other which is how it is supposed to be.
             In the second scene of the film we meet another shallow man named Mauricio. Hal thinks Mauricio is crazy for doing so because Lindy is a very beautiful woman. He asks Mauricio why he is dumping Lindy and his response is, "She had her bare feet up on the coffee table and I noticed that her second toe is, like, half an inch longer than her big toe. I don"t need that circus shit!" This is a prime example of the egotistical and shallow people in today's society.

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