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Chemical Engineer Code of Ethics

            "If you can revive the ancient and use it to understand the modern, then you are worthy to be a teacher." - Confucius .
             Chemical Engineer Code of Ethics.
             Section 1. The chemical engineer shall be guided in all his relations by the highest standards of honor and integrity and shall act with fairness and impartiality to all.
             Section 2. The chemical engineer shall uphold at all times the dignity of the chemical engineering profession and shall protect it from misrepresentation.
             Section 3. The chemical engineer shall avoid being associated with any enterprise which is of questionable character or is contrary to law or public welfare.
             Section 4. The chemical engineer shall express a professional opinion only when he is adequately informed of the facts related there to and the purposes for which the opinion is asked.
             Section 5. The chemical engineer shall not issue  statements, criticism or arguments on matters of public concern which are inspired or paid for by private interests, unless he indicates in whose behalf he is making the statement.
             Section 6. The chemical engineer shall not indulge in self-laudatory advertisement nor make exaggerated, untrue, or misleading statements in media or any public forum.
             Section 7. The chemical engineer shall be mindful of the safety and convenience of the public at all times and shall make every effort to remedy or bring to the attention of his client or employer any dangerous defect in equipment or structures or dangerous conditions of operation which come to his knowledge.
             Section 8. The chemical engineer shall consider it his professional obligation to protect the interest of his client, employer or any   person of responsibility and he shall act accordingly as long as it does not conflict with law, public policy, and welfare.
             Section 9. The chemical engineer shall make known to his client or employer all his other professional obligations, financial interests, or other considerations which might restrict or interfere with his meeting the legitimate expectations of his client or employer before undertaking an engagement.

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