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Daisy Miller by Henry James

            "Poor little Daisy Miller was above all things innocent.
             No one could disagree with the words of the author about the character he has created. If not Henry James, then who would know what he meant in his writing? Sometimes the facts from the story and the statements of the writer can be very contradicting. In the case with Henry James and the way he presented the main character, there are some discrepancies between Daisy Miller's behavior and the perception of her by others. If you looked a little deeper, I think that the author's words are not only truthful, but have a strong base of facts. .
             It is important to show that the characters real name was Annie P. Miller. The name Daisy is the first characteristic that should lead the reader to some reflections. The choice of her name reveals something important in itself and reveals some traits that the character possessed. There is no wonder that the most of associations that can fall into one's head are absolutely positive and kind. If you compare a flower, with something fresh and airy or the childish fortunetelling of he-loves-me-he-loves-me-not, the name Daisy should belong to someone pure, naive and kind. .
             The very acquaintance with Daisy Miller, the reader cannot have negative feelings towards her, but is filled with tenderness and belief that the character is innocent and of simple soul. Could the author distort the presentation of the reader's expectations and real characteristics of the character on purpose? In my mind, not this time.
             Daisy Miller, an American girl, was traveling with her family. Even this fact suggests her fairness instead of rudeness. The clothes she was wearing the first time she met Winterbourne represents her innocence. She was wearing a flouncy white dress with ribbons. The image that Henry James has created can hardly be appropriate for an unladylike and impossible girl. Except the white color of her white dress, it is important to stress that she felt "so pretty, oh so pretty " (James).

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