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daisy miller

             Henry James uses many important themes throughout the short novel, Daisy Miller. Some of the important themes are innocence, loss of self identity, and to always be yourself. One of the main themes in the novel was how people behave in different cultures. Mr. Winterbourne is always aware of what is going on in the culture around him and how the people act, always doing the most appropriate thing. Henry James shows the difference between the American and European cultures by showing how the Aunt was getting irritated at the way that daisy was acting, flirting with many different guys and doing what she wanted to do.
             The innocence of Daisy Miller is shown by how she acts in the setting of Rome, Italy. Mr. Winterbourne has spent a lot of time in Europe she he acts more European that American. He is very surprised when he sees that way she acts when she is walking around seeing the sights. Daisy likes the sights she is seeing but doesn't care to know the history of the sights. The Americans seem to act unconcerned with what was going on around them. .
             The main theme throughout the story was to always be yourself. Even though daisy didn't know what was going on with society a lot of the time, she always acted the way she wanted unlike Mr. Winterbourne. There were many times when he would do the right thing or what he was told to do. It was obvious that he loved Daisy but he never told her how he felt about her. Instead he just sat back and watched as he talked to different people and doing as she pleased. This shows you that to have love you have to have dedication, honesty, quality time, and communication and with out these it cannot survive. .
             Henry James uses foreshadowing to give us the hint that something will eventually happen to Daisy. When Mr. Winterbourne sees her and Mr. Giovanelli in the coliseum one night it was described in a intimidating and creepy sort of way. She does not act like the city has an effect on her so she seems disappointed with what she sees.

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