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Daisy Miller

             Daisy Miller a story related by a young girl, American man named Winterborne, who lives mostly in Europe. Wnterborne meets a lovely lady named Daisy Miller at Swiss resort in Vevey. He befriends her quickly. He wants to introduce her to his aunt, but she thinks that Daisy is common, vulgar, and refuses to meet her. Daisy and her family decide to leave the resort and visit Italy. Several months passed until Daisy spoke to him again. She invited him to Italy. He finds Daisy with an Italian man named Giovanelli. Winterborne notices that Giovanelli is not a real gentleman. A week later Daisy dies of Roman fever. .
             The theme of "Daisy Miller-, the novel focuses on the harm that is done when an individual is rejected by society for the unconventional behavior. James the author presents Daisy as the free, spontaneous, and independent girl. She is an American girl who is stereotyped as a disreputable, by the Europeanized Americans she meets in Vevey and Rome. At the same time, James shows how Daisy's utter disregard for convention prevents her from successfully relating to others, and leads to her death when she disregards warnings not to go the coliseum at night. The book symbolizes Daisy Miller as a person who is free and innocent and loves .
             and enjoys to have a good time, and most importantly enjoys people's company. Her character is portrayed as a beautiful person who just enlightens everyone's path that she crosses. .
             Daisy Miller is the easiest to relate to in this story. She is ahead of her time. In this time and age, she would be considered a normal young woman. Walking with a man in public is no longer considered risqué. Flirting is part of every young person's life. I can relate to Daisy. A broken heart can sometimes make one feel like dying. .
             "Daisy Miller-, in my opinion isn't really such a great story. However, the novel is well written and her character is well explain and pretty much straight forward.

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