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Daisy Miller

             Quote: "He was ceasing to be embarrassed, for he had begun to perceive that she was not in the slightest alteration in her charming complexion; she was evidently neither offended nor fluttered- (8),.
             Device: details and foreshadowing.
             Speaker: Winterbourne.
             Commentary: One major motif throughout the novel is the conscious of Winterbourne. Many details are given away through his perceptions and observations. Here he perceives the immense beauty of Daisy for the first time, and comments to himself on her calm manner both physically and emotionally. These details create a picture of what Daisy will be in the future. Because Winterbourne realized the natural calm nature of her in the start, he can safely deal with her later in the novel while having trouble keeping her out two men's grasps.
             Quote: "He immediately perceived, from her tone, that Miss Daisy Miller's place in the social scale was low- (19).
             Device: diction foreshadowing.
             Speaker: Winterbourne.
             Commentary: Here again is another wonderful perception from Winterbourne. He realizes that she can be understood through her "tone- and words, and can later use the tone of her voice to understand the emotional volcano that is her mind. By using "tone- the atmosphere at where the conversation is also described. It is not a place where brashness and openness are used, but rather where tone is used to prevent the harsh reality of the meaning of their words.
             European Concept of America.
             Quote: "Elle s'affiche. It's her revenge for my having ventured to remonstrate with her. When she comes, I shall not speak to her- (61).
             Device: details.
             Speaker: Mrs. Walker.
             Commentary: Europeans believe themselves to be of greater importance and of greater superiority compared to Americans. Here, Mrs. Walker tries to show superiority by speaking in a different language. Elle s'affiche means, "It is displayed- in French. Mrs. Walker is trying to show-off her bilingual abilities, to make herself better than her surroundings.

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