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The Last Holiday I Shared with My Grandfather

            The Last Holiday I Shared With My Grandfather.
             In April, of 1987, was the last holiday I was to share with my grandfather. The Passover sedar was held at my house. Everyone had a smile on their face and just enjoyed spending that night with my grandmothers beloved husband, Andrew. I was only one years old at the time, but by the way my grandmother reveals this story, I feel as if can remember seeing the warm smile that my grandfather wore upon his face. My mother has four sisters, in which all five of theme had at least four children at the time. So you can just imagine the amount of energy the floated throughout the house. My grandmother was in charge of making all the food, which was all made from scratch. For example, to make her special and delightful chicken soup noodles, she mixes eggs, potatoes starch, water, peppers, and salt all together. After this task, she then sautés the batch on the stove just like crepes. She then cuts out very thin strips which concludes the steps in making her delicious chicken soup noodles. When all my cousins entered the house, all of their eyes lit up and exploded like fireworks; the aroma from the chicken soup had swept through the house and into the their little nostrils.
             Everyone gathered in my small but comfortable living room. It's unbelievable my mom was able to seat everyone with just two tables. My mom positioned her favorite and most elegant table cloth with beautiful, festive flowers. While everyone was enjoying the meal and reminiscing, my grandfather looked at his beautiful wife and said out loud, "look Rose, look what we made, our special children and grandchildren. It's a beautiful sight. I have five diamonds."" She then replied with a slight grin, "Andrew, look what we have accomplished after the war, these loving people mean more to me than money or anything else in the world."" He answered, "yes Rose, look what we have to show off to the world.

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