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Expository Writing - Sample Exam

            Our writing purpose - The goal of expository writing is to explain or inform our audience about a specific topic. For the audience, the topic is often vague or abstract on the surface. Our job as writers is to move the audience from vague to specific. Successful expository writing takes a broad topic that the audience may have a general knowledge of and fills in the gaps with specific examples and analysis. Our purpose is to show the audience the topic "to inform the audience." We are not writing to persuade yet.
             The assignment - select one of the following options:.
             1. Define a specific genre or type of music, movies, literature, clothing style, internet culture, car, etc. For example, how does one define "horror movies "? .
             2. In your experience, what causes people to fall in love? What are the complications of feeling in love? Are there positive and negative causes? What are the positive and negative effects?.
             3. Gladwell's essay (411 in our textbook) argues that social media prevents any real social activism today reminiscent of the 1960s. Take idea in one of two directions - .
             A. What do you see as the primary social problem of our time period? What possible solutions do we have for this problem?.
             B. Although social media has several positive aspects to it, focus in on one primary problem that is unique to social media sites. What possible solutions do we have for the problem?.
             4. Select any one of the topics you wrote about for either Minor Essay 2a, or 2b. Expand and develop the essay into a full five - seven page major essay.
             5. Select a topic you care about with which you have personal experience and a reasonable amount of credibility. Create an essay for the topic by shaping it into one of our three text structures: definition, cause/effect, or problem/solution.
             Strategies - .
             Your words. Your examples. Your experience. Your analysis. .
             Qualify all claims with examples and analysis.
             Strong evidence will support an assertive and direct voice.

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