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Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson

            Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson are both iconic American presidents. Their places in history are merely separated by the presidency of William Howard Taft, but they still share many of the ideals of the Progressive era. While they did have two different approaches to the presidency, Wilson had New Freedom and Roosevelt had New Nationalism, there are many similarities between the two, despite a few exceptions.
             Theodore Roosevelt always respected the Constitution and those who wrote it, but he also recognized that times had to change and that the American government had to adapt in order to stay relevant and effective. While some perceived his personality and approach as extreme, he pushed to avoid the extremes of socialism and total liaise-faire individualism. He constantly kept the needs of the American people in mind, making him a very likable president. In order to maintain this he expanded the visibility of the presidency and made sure people knew who he was. To protect the people he took Congress head on, much like Wilson, to pass laws of regulation against big business that was hurting the American public. But his view of "trust busting" was very subjective to his own opinion. .
             He believed there were "good" and "bad" trusts that could either benefit the public or are a detriment to the economic system. In order to accomplish his over 40 busts he had to expand federal powers. In doing this he was able to further empower the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) and enforce the Sherman Anti-Trust Act more rigidly. In breaking up monopolies and regulating the economy, he always kept the interests of the masses a priority, as represented by the square deal. He was an extremely dynamic president who was extremely hands on and efficient while in office.
             Woodrow Wilson was another enthusiastic president who respected the past but was willing to adapt to the present.

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