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War Poetry-Brooke and Owen

             Explain two ways in which the language was effective in the texts (2) you have studied.
             Language How it was effective Example.
             Tone .
             Poem 1.
             Poem 2.
             Use of Imagery.
             Poem 1.
             Poem 2.
             Dulce et Decorum Est- Wilfred Owen.
             Anthem for Doomed Youth- Wilfred Owen (Optional- Attached).
             The Soldier- Rupert Brooke.
             Poem 1.
             • Tone -Cynical bitter and resentful. Tone tells the reader the poet's attitude toward war. A use of irony in the title-irony usually indicates a cynical attitude. Being cynical implies a firm resentment and bitterness toward the subject. Once we have read the whole poem we see his resentment and realise he really does not feel it is sweet and right. The title Dulche et Decorun Est was also quoted at the start of WWI to assure the population it is a wonderful and great honour to die for your country. This we know is a lie. "My friend you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old lie; Dulche et Decorum est Pro patria mori- it is sweet and right to die for ones country. Give more examples of his tone or attitude toward war and the words and techniques he uses to get this across .
             Use of harsh guttural sounds such as "g", "c", "f" to further add to the harshness of his tone.(this is called .
             • Imagery. The use of Imagery in the language, both figurative and concrete to make the suffering and squallier as strong as possible so we accept his view that suffering for ones country is not something that is strong and noble. .
             1. Similes "Bent double like old beggars", coughing like hags, his hanging face, like a devils sick of sin. (Lots more) .
             This establishes the indignity of the soldiers.
             2. Metaphor- "Drunk with fatigue".
             3. Concrete images- of suffering- soldiers chocking, drowning and dying slowly e.g. he plunges at me, flares, gas shells (find more examples).
             Poem 2 .
             • Tone- Cheerful, romantic and celebrative tone- give own examples and insights.

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