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Wilfred Owens Disabled

            In my English class we have been studying a poem by Wilfred Owen who wrote to emphasise to others the horrors of trench war. We have examined every little point from sarcasm to personification. This essay will show how Owen was able to achieve this using "disabled" as an example. .
             The poem is about a young man who joins the army and has both his legs and a part of his arm blown off in action. While writing this poem the poet gives his personal opinions about the war. In the first verse Owen describes this once popular man alone in a park. He is in a wheelchair, and is wearing a gloomy grey jacket. This already gives the reader an idea of the cripple's characteristics, he is miserable and depressed. The next sentence tells how this cripple looks on life. There are kids in a playground in the park. He thinks of all the kid's laughing, singing, and shouting as a sad hymn, this is a simile. This works well as it tells us of his way of looking on life. .
             In verse two Owen describes the cripple's life before his accident. He used to be the popular one, good looking and confident. He"d used to dance with the girls but now they think of him as a freak.
             "like some queer disease".
             It says in the next sentence that now he is "old", but he isn't, he is only one year older than he was before he got crippled. There is the use of a semi-colon in this sentence. Owen has used this to highlight his point. .
             In the next sentence Owen writes " He lost his colour not far from here", by saying this he is making the point that the man lost most of his blood nearby. The poet also makes the point that he "poured it down the shell holes". This indicates that Owen thinks the soldier lost his arm and legs unnecessarily, maybe doing something he was not supposed to do. .
             In the fourth verse Owen tells that earlier in the soldiers life he liked a blood smear down his leg; it made him feel big. This shows a level of immaturity.

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