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Disabled by Wilfred Owen

            The language features Wilfred Owen uses in Disabled moves between the raw dictions used to describe the man's present life and the cheerful words of his days as a young, promising man. These words have helped to stir the emotions of the readers as the significant contrast between the past and the present of the soldier makes the audience realise how hard it must have been thinking that you will be a hero one day and treated as an outcast the next. Owen used language features such as imagery, similies and repetition to portray the idea of what war is really like and by doing so he moves the audience.
             Firstly, Owen uses imagery effectively in disabled to stir the readers' emotions by picturing how the disabled soldier feels after returning from war. Owen starts of the first stanza by saying "he sat in a wheeled chair" this shows the readers that not only has he come back from war and lost his legs but by using the word 'wheeled' Owen is portraying to the reader how helpless this solider is as he has to be assisted by someone to even move as he has no legs or an arm. Owen also writes, "before he threw away his knees" this emphasizes that there is no possibility of him walking again, this also suggests that this young man may of lost his legs in a careless way. This lines stirs with the readers emotions as it make us think that those for whom this soldier fought for do not appreciate what he went through on their behalf. This man did a pointless sacrifice to help fight for his country but as shown in stanza 6 "some cheered him home, but not as crowds cheer goal" that in spite of his sacrifice and in spite of him fighting on their behalf, he is not getting the recognition that he deserves .
             Secondly, Owen stirs with the reader's emotions as he highlights and shows us the emotional loss experienced by the men who have returned home from war only to find that those that once loved them now treat them completely different.

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