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My Soundtracks for 2013 and 2014

            If I was to select a musical score for 2013, it most likely would not end up neatly filed on any best-seller racks. I would begin my list with some "Dub Step" and a little "Crystal Method," probably a bit of "Cherry Twist," due to the fact that the year started off with an abundance of excitement and energy leading into summer. Upon the arrival of warmer weather, the score would have to shift gears dramatically to Grunge and Blues musical genres. .
             Fall and winter would bring another shift in music, with groups such as "Roadrunner and Wiley Coyote," with splashes of "Bonobo" and "Radiohead." Watching people react to snow always reminds me of musical scores from old cartoons; watching people slide through intersections, slip on ice, shovel driveways and make snow-angels seems to fit together nicely with the comical Warner Bros. style music. "Bonobo" and "Radiohead," fit beautifully with the picturesque - and somewhat depressing - aspects of a long, cold winter; also reminding me of a once-green wasteland, now peppered with skeletons of trees, reminiscent of a "nuclear winter."" .
             Of course, the underlying theme of this dreary soundtrack would be the constant, unnerving, screech from a violin, meshed together with the shrill, off-key, sounds similar to what a novice might produce while learning to play an instrument. This nauseating, migraine-inducing background noise would play behind every song, just enough to make you wonder if you are slipping into insanity through auditory hallucinations, or if some evil bastard actually added those sounds intentionally, just to make it uncomfortable; the sort of sound that would purge a cold sweat through the pores of your skin while standing half-naked in a blizzard. This nightmare on wax would be my auditory definition of 2013. Unpleasant and Irritating. .
             What would you like your musical score to be for this year (2014)?.
             Up to present, the soundtrack for this year is the music from the fire-levels of the original Mario Brothers on the NES.

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