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            INDIA - The country that gave the world the #0 which is the basis of all math in this world.
             - Indian Books are dated back about 7,000 years making it the oldest in history and also being studied by many scientists in Europe.
             - India had the 1st real University in the world that dates back about 4,000 years located in South India and has a history from back then noted to teach Language, Literature, Science, Social Science, Psychology, Math, Astronomy, Geography, Spritual Science, and many more. Its been known to have studets from Africa, Middle East, North Asta even back then at that times.
             TO GODS AND RELIGION.
             - Its been believed that there are about 36,000 demi gods and over 25 Gods out of which "Lord Bramha" is believed to be the Creator of the Universe and "Lord Vishnu" is the Destroyer. .
             - The belief of reincarnation is 1 of the basis of Hinduism that also pertains to the Gods. Its believed and aknowledged that all the Gods Reincarnated on Earth in a Human Form one after anothe each having a gap of between 400-4,000 years. And they only came when they saw that the human way of life was in danger and salvation of evil souls were needed. And the protection of Hindu Religion had to be Raised. Each god is an Reincarnation of the 1 b4. There for there is believed to be only 1 GOD but, in Various Diff. forms of which "Lord Swaminarayan" was the last to come about 228 years back.
             - Moksha is the main goal of every Hindu. The meaning of "Moksha" is the end of the cycle or Birth and Rebirth. And the way of life a Hindu practices is to attain this Moksha .
             -8 factors of influence are : Place, Time, Action, Company, Mantra (chanting), Scriptures, Initiation and Meditation. {Its believed if these influences are Favorable it purifies one's mind and if not they will Pollute the mind}.
             - Hindu's also believe in the 24 elemets in life and that there are 8.4 million life forms on earth of which we have to go thru each one b4 we are lucky enough to be born in a Human Life Form.

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