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World Vocabulary - Social and Political

            Less Developed Nation: A country with a large rate of population growth, coupled with low national income, along with substantial unemployment and dependence on other countries for commodities.
             Mixed Economy: An economy with characteristics of multiple types of other economies, where both public and private enterprises own pieces of each aspect.
             Nationalization: To bring to a national level; to unify a country or to bring under the control of a nation, specifically industries or land.
             Neoliberalism: "New liberalism ", a combination of liberal political views with an interest in economic growth.
             Newly Industrialized Country (NIC): A country who has risen past the rank of LDN or ˜third world' but not to the height of modern developed nations such as those in Europe. These countries have moved away from an agro-economy to an industrial economy.
             Political Cleavage(s): Division of constituents or voters into groups based on demographic, psychographic, and geographic characteristics.
             Political Culture: The views of citizens of a nation towards politics, developed over time, creating understood rules that govern the behavior of political systems.
             Political Development: The creation of beliefs, institutions, and values of citizens that help shape the political system of their society. .
             Political Party (two-party; one-party; multi-party): A group that shares the same core values regarding social and economic topics, which affect the constituents of the country. A two-party system has two groups with opposing views who run against each other for power, while a one-party system has complete control of policy, and a multi-party system is a country with 3 or more major political parties.
             Private Enterprise: Business or industry not managed by the government or public as a whole, but by individuals and independent companies. Usually present in industries in which goods/services are excludable and rivalrous.

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