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Story of My Execution

             There is nothing - no excuses, no plea for forgiveness, no last minute stay of execution - that will help me escape this sentence of death. What I did was done with such malice, such cold-blooded intent, that even I find it hard to believe that I am capable of such brutality. I killed a man. But, and even worse, I trained and prepared another individual to commit the murder for me. To take the blame and carry the weight of taking a life so I didn't have to. To understand my story, you must believe that I am not lying or crazy or suffering from some type of long-term amnesia. No. I know what I did, as surely as I know the name and face of my heart-broken mother. It's a strange feeling to know the day, hour and precise minute of your own death. It's something no man is meant to carry. But I do. Tomorrow I will die, so today, in a last attempt of being a decent human being, I will lighten my soul.
             Since young, I had been studying on how to train animals such as, (Dog, Cat, Parrot and Fish). I even trained a cat to be able to fight against a dog! Once I grew up, I studied Biology and Psychology specifically. At that time, I learned a lot of skills in training and curing animals. Later on, I opened a company of my own. After a half way through of construction, I was short of money. During this stressing period of time, a business men called Mr. James asked me for a meeting. On the meeting, he told me that he knew that my company would be bankrupted. I was shocked of what he said. I asked him for helps and advices. He replied that he would loan me money with a little amount of interest. I accepted his help. However, he stopped doing so after a month, leaving me with lots of payment bills. I suffered a lot that time. Banks did not gave me any single dollar of loan since I had no credit. I started working at a vet shop. After I had no more bills to pay, I decided to take some risk on starting my company again.

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