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Purpose and Value of Integrated Marketing

            Business function are known as the of tasks or duties that carry out an organization's goals and missions. A non-sales function is when the product is presented and shown off similar to a preview and then it is presented and shown at a later date. The sales function is when the product is displayed and sold at the present time. (Kotler, Rackham & Krishnaswamy, 2006).
             Affects of non-sales business functions and the sales function for the specific organization:.
             Apple is a global provider of electronic equipment such as computers, tablets, cell phones and internet TV as well as related accessories. Since they are the number one manufacturers of computers, they require excellent communication throughout both the sales and non-sales divisions of the organization. Some of non-sales function at Apple includes territory, shipping, and the production managers. This company relies on its sales people to keep the movement of their inventory and also to sell their products. In case they don't rely on the sales people, then it means they would have to stop production of their computers or even slow down their production and this would lead to a reduction in sales. .
             When there is a missing communications between both the non-sales and the sales divisions it tends to lead to a lack of good customer service, slow or lack of potential accounts receivable, product backlogs that are unacceptable or even slow production of products and this will eventually lead to loss or even lack of sales. Sales people cannot effectively serve customers if there is poor communication between the sales associates and the management department; since the main function of sales associates is to present and sell the consumer the product that best serves their needs. .
             The management's requirement is that all the retail specialists should meet their set targets. In spite of this requirement, the shipping and production functions have not helped in putting a good relationship between the store sales people, customers and the store management.

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