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Marketing Essay

             SECTION PAGE.
             3 Advertising and Promotion 5-6.
             3.4 Demographic Environment 6.
             4. THE UK RAZOR MARKET 7-9.
             4.1 The Market Share 7.
             4.2 Marketing Strategy 8-9.
             4.3 Mach3 Turbo Unique Selling Proposition 9.
             5. CONCLUSION 10.
             6. REFERENCES 11.
             7. APPENDIX 1 12 .
             1. INTRODUCTION.
             In the beginning of year 2003, the fast moving consumer goods Company Gillette introduced the Mach3 Turbo Shaving System on the UK market, which is an upgraded version from the successful Mach3 brand.
             The purpose of this assignment is to analyze and evaluate Gillette's marketing strategy with an outline of the UK's razor market and the competition, and the potential of the Mach3 Turbo as a newly launched product on the market.
             The Gillette Company was started in 1901 by Mr King Gillette in Boston, USA, and commenced commercial production of the patented Gillette Safety Razor some two years later. The Company headquarters has remained in Boston.
             The Gillette Safety Razor Company established its London offices in 1905 to explore the products potential in Europe. By 1909 Gillette had three European factories in France, Germany and England and was achieving annual worldwide sales of some 300,000 razors and 13 million blades.
             Today, Gillette manufactures and sells a variety of consumer products throughout the world with manufacturing operations at 38 facilities in 19 countries and distributes products in over 200 countries. The Gillette Company is the global market leader in the following businesses:.
             - Grooming: male and female, wet and dry, shaving products and related toiletries. Products include Mach3, SensorExcel, Venus, Right Guard, Soft&Dri and more.
             - Portable Power: alkaline and specialty batteries and cells. Products include Duracell Ultra and Duracell Cooper&Black batteries.

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