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Marketing Analysis: Samsung Electronics Company

            ´╗┐Samsung Electronics Company is undeniably one most of successful company on modern markets.com only in 2013 Samsung sell more than 446.7 million of Smartphone's and conquest 31.3 of the worldwide Smartphone market (Eric Zeman 1/28/2014). Furthermore, this company produces a wide range of high technology devices such as Smartphone's, TV, photo cameras, tablet computer, laptops and etc. At the beginning Samsung was a small export business within that was focused produced food and sugar. The way of electronic industry for Samsung began only late 1960s.In the period from 2000 to 2010 Samsung made a great spurt and became well familiar company. This revolutionary change happened by coincidence of circumstance, begging of 2000 was the digital age when electricity device developed rapidly, and Samsung understand clearly brought competitive product at market. After that Samsung only constantly raising the bar, create new HT devise such as first solar powered mobile phone and world thinnest TV at 6.5 mm.(Burge, 2012) In this case Samsung is really juggernaut in the production of electronics and this fact make it really curious subject for analysis of their marketing strategy. The aim of this essay is make critical analysis of Samsung marketing strategy and figure out strong and weak point of Samsung as company.
             Firstly, it is indentify the type of Samsung marketing style/era. It is common and should be admit that majority of huge companies don't use one style of pure, they are prefer combining a several styles to increase benefits and minimize weakness and Samsung is not the exception. In fact, Samsung using solid combination of elements of the marketing, sales, social marketing styles. Elements of marketing style include it responding to market, superior customer focus, major focus on client satisfaction and customer insight and research. If look at Samsung website it will be simply to noticed that the main focus goes on superiority of their production and exactly customer satisfaction (Drucker, 1973).

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