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Nike and Globalization

            Nike has become a globally recognized brand established in 1964. Since its creation Nike has evolved significantly and has adapted and expanded through globalisation and with the advancement of technology. Nike has used many strategies to maintain its global status, such as its cultural diversity, endorsements of sports legends, media convergence, cultural imperialism and other aspects that will be explored in this essay. It is these adjustments and adaptations that Nike has undergone over the past forty-eight years, that has led to Nike's continual success and the development of the Nike empire. .
             Bill Bowerman, a nationally respected track and field coach of Oregon University who was constantly experimenting with re-hydration drinks, different track surfaces and running shoes, and Phil Knight, a talented middle-distance runner who believed that quality running shoes could be manufactured in Japan, established the global brand Nike in 1964 in Oregan, America. .
             Bowerman and Knight were one of the first sports shoe companies to go to Japan to make their products. Knight knew that Japan had low-cost manufacturing processes and had advanced production facilities. While over in Japan Knight discovered a brand of shoe, called the Oniksuka Tiger, which was far more advanced than anything that could be found in the United States. This led to Knight taking a leap of faith and purchased a large shipment of the shoe. Once back in America Knight went straight to Bowerman and tried to sell him the shoes for his track team. Instead of agreeing to buy the shoes, Bowerman took Knight by surprise and offered to go into business with him.
             After a handshake and an investment of $1,000 the two men under the name of Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) had their first order of 300 hundred pairs of shoes through the Japanese company Onitsuka Co. With each order the men continued to modify the shoes, finding ways for them to become lighter and better.

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