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NIKE - Company Analysis

             The Nike Company is a global brand that produces gear used by athletes in the different sport categories. This company has been successful majorly because of its venture into the international market. Analysing this company, we get to see that there is a very distinct difference between the international market and domestic market. The various factors in the donemstic and ntemational market which affect the Nike Company will be looked at in this paper. These are what will enable us learn more about this company and how it operates. .
             Looking at international marketing, the market environment is not familiar to a company compared to the domestic marketing where there is high familiarity of marketing. In the international market there may be a requirement for product adaptation and the price of this product will be affected by the foreign currency (Kotler,2009). However, the domestic markets are different. There is no much adaptation required in the domestic market unless the company is targeting a different market segment. The pricing in these r is also relatively easy since it is not affected by foreign currency. Unlike domestic markets, distributions in the international markets are usually difficult because of international dimensions (Kotler,2009). Nike has managed to venture and thrive in these international markets through licensing and franchising of its brand. The Cole Haan, Converse, Inc., Hurley International, LLC and Umbro International Limited are wholly owned subsidiaries of NIKE, Inc. These Nike brands play a significant role in its venture into international markets.
             There are quite a number of micro & macro environmental factors that affect the Nike Company. One of these is the Nike Company's internal environment. This refers to the internal environment of the company which is inclusive of all departments. The management, finance, research and development, purchasing, operations and accounting departments are all part of this internal environment.

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