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Nike Advertisment Analysis

            Nike is a globally famous corporation for athletic apparel and is the most successful brand of sportswear in the United States. They have put out countless advertisements in the past and have taken many turns on marketing strategies for various audiences. For this particular advertisement, it seems that the targeted audience to persuade would be females, and Nike does this well by using emotional appeals, as well as using a woman in the ad to make their point directly comprehended, but the ad lacks publicizing logic and evidence. Emotionally, Nike had a fantastic idea to promote women's athletic apparel, especially in the modern era. At this time women are on the rise for equality in every aspect of their lives, including athletics. Sports have been for men in the past; however, the up rise of women has influenced every aspect of society. The words, "I'm making myself proud," is assumed to have a deeper meaning in this advertisement with the woman because it shows that she is not training to look better to get a boyfriend or to fit into the way women are "supposed " to be; she is actually doing it for herself. Another conclusion that can be formed from this advertisement would be that the word "proud " is emphasized for a meaningful effect on the viewer to lead them to believe working out will make themselves feel some sort of fulfillment. The approach Nike has taken on the emotional level will touch women in the exact way many groups are currently trying to impose in the modern age like female equality and is a fantastic idea for present marketing. It benefits Nike to take a route in motivating female pride because that is what women are looking for; they thrive on and seek out motivation, just check Pinterest for proof of that. The idea of building female pride with motivation will get women to find the advertisement, not for them to happen to come across it. .
             This advertisement will directly persuade the intended audience in an obvious visual with the use of the woman as a character.

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