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            Nike, the number one sport-shoe producer, selling $9.2 billion worth of shoes per year claims that "there shall be no discrimination based on race, creed, gender, martial or maternity status, religious or political beliefs, age or sexual orientation." So why is an average wage for an Indonesian Nike factory worker $2.60 a day?.
             Nike clothing retailers have enjoyed huge success since there debut opening in 19__. There formula for success is simple, sell high and pay low. This has generated huge profits for the company, but the workers through out South-East Asia, particularly Indonesia, who make the clothes that generate this wealth, are suffering everyday. Their rights are restricted, from working long hours in horrible conditions for scarcity wages. This system devalues their work and prevents them for adequately supporting themselves and their families. .
             Over the past decade, tens of thousands of students, people of faith, activists, and consumers have demanded that retailers take responsibility to clean up sweatshops such as Nike. Around the world sweatshop workers have fought for their rights to organize and improve the conditions. Although some gains have been made, retailers have responded with public relations campaigns to ignore the reality of sweat shop crisis.
             A shift in the terms of the debate over sweat shop workers rights occurred in 1996. Nike had promised that they would bring greater respect for essential human and labour rights, such as freedoms of association and expression, as well as an end to cruelty and discrimination and inequality on the basis of ethnicity or gender. .

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