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Towson University Nursing Program

            Towson University is an institution known for having a great Nursing program. What it does to help pre-nursing students get ready for their future major/career is beneficial for them because they know what they are getting themselves into from the beginning. Although its program is well-known, it does have its flaws. Towson can improve its program by incorporating more practices for the National Council Licensure Examination to ensure students' success on the exam, providing more clinical settings throughout their years in college, and improving the clinical settings to better prepare the students for their future work space.
             Nowadays, things are more difficult for nurses because more and more people want to become them due to their high salaries. Although nurses will always be necessary, the sudden influx of people trying to become Nurses may cause the amount needed to decrease in the future. Since more people want to be Nurses, training of these people could lead to poorly-trained Nurses who are not be as dedicated to their jobs as others are. In order to prevent this, Towson University has attempted to minimize the amount of students that can be admitted into the Nursing program by placing a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of a 3.00 on a 4.00 scale. Since most applicants have a GPA's higher than a 3.00, the amount of work that the students have to do makes up for the low GPA. .
             The pre-nursing advisors that students have suggest that they should aim for a GPA of a 3.5 or higher due to the competitiveness of all of the students trying to get into the program. Also having a higher GPA puts students above everyone else and increases their chances of being considered into the program first. In addition to having a minimum GPA, Towson has limited the amount of students being admitted into the program to only 75 students because approximately 200-300 students apply each semester. .
             Preparing students for the "larger world " means that the university is providing the resources needed to help the students out in any shape or form whenever they need it.

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