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Opportunities in the Field of Nursing

            There are many different types of nurses in the US, many of which hold different degrees. For the purpose of my paper, I interviewed Jennifer Persons, a Licensed Practical Nurse, or LPN, Heike Phillipsen, a Registered Nurse with an associates degree in nursing (RN-ADN), and Maureen Davis, a Registered Nurse with a baccalaureates degree in nursing (RN-BSN). All three women's journeys began the same way, by enrolling in a collegiate nursing program. After the first year of nursing school, they all had to take and pass the NCLEX-PN, which is the National Council Licensure Examination-Practical Nurse. For both Heike and Maureen their education carried on - two years for Heike and three years for Maureen. In addition to theoretical education, every nursing student must demonstrate their practical knowledge in hospitals.
             No matter what level of nurse one chooses to become, the number one priority is putting the patient first and ensuring the best care is provided for them. However, based upon which level of education they choose, their roles and responsibilities vary. As an LPN, Jennifer is the front line when it comes to patient care. She works under the supervision of an RN or physician, and is present to take the patients' vital signs, explain what is happening, and documents any changes that would need to be reported to her supervisor. Although she is not allowed to assess a patient, she does aid in assessment through what information she reports and provides care and interventions as determined by an RN. .
             While Heike was completing her second and third year of nursing school she was required to work in the adjoining hospital whenever she was not in school. There she got to see different hospital units: the intensive care unit, pediatrics, and emergency room. Her favorite place to work was as a hemodyalisis nurse. When she completed her training she had to take another set of NCLEX, this time for the RN certification.

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