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Laptops in the Classroom

            In her recent article "The Laptop Ate My Attention Span" (April 16, 2000), author Abby Ellin elaborates on the issue of graduate students using laptops in the classroom and displays the advantages and disadvantages of using one. Ellin states that many students see computer use as "distracting" and annoying in general. She provides examples whilst quoting numerous M.B.A students and professors alike. After showing the negative side of the issue, she then appeals to those who would want laptops in the classroom stating that "they (the students) can control themselves" (Ellin). .
             Ellin believes that business students should be allowed to bring a laptop to class if it suits them. While Ellin is reasonable in her argument, the author has failed to consider information, that if included, could refute her argument because using laptops in class is not only disrespectful to teachers, it's also giving the students the means of slacking off in class. Therefore, laptops should not be allowed in the classroom due to it being disrespectful and distracting.
             Firstly, laptop use in class is extremely disrespectful to the professors and in turn can make the professor believe that you aren't paying attention. In general, disrespectful behavior is characterized by "showing disrespect or lacking courtesy to a certain person" (Disrespectful). Now this kind of behavior isn't limited to just being on a laptop in class; however, it can be amplified due to having that medium. Some common examples of disrespectful behavior include, but are not limited to, dismissive gesturing, discounting another's work, slacking off, or anything that is distracting to others around them. .
             With technology at the tips of their fingers, students can't but help the fact that they are being disrespectful to their professors. It may not be intentional, but unfortunately it's still not respectful in the end.

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