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Position Paper on Abortion

            Abortion is defined as deliberately terminating an existing pregnancy by removing or extinguishing a fetus from the uterus before viable. Arguing if abortion is morally acceptable or not will always be a controversial topic amongst Americans. Abortion is controversial because it involves religious beliefs and women's rights. Pro-Life activists disagree with abortion mostly for religious reasons and believe that all life is sacred and given to us by God. Pro-Choice activist think abortion is acceptable because it is the woman's body and she can do whatever she want to it and understand the reasons why a woman would want to terminate her pregnancy. In this paper I will argue that the act of abortion is unethical, completely morbid and should be against the law. .
             Abortion is equivalent to murder because it takes the life of an innocent unborn child and should not be an option when a woman discovers that she is pregnant. The definition of murder according to Merriam-Webster says that murder is "to kill a human being," isn't that what is being produced in the womb after the development of a heartbeat? An embryos heart is developed and begins to beat on day twenty-two and many women do not even know they are pregnant at this time. A heartbeat represents life no matter how small the baby is and no one should be allowed to end a life that is nothing but innocent and pure. If a woman who is pregnant is murdered the accused killer is charged with murder of a woman and a child. If they are being charged with murdering an unborn child what makes it morally permissible for a women to kill a child that was created upon her own knowing actions? .
             Everyone knows that engaging in unprotected sex increases a woman's chances of getting pregnant. We have an abundant amount of different types of contraceptives that everyone has access to but wont always use them. If a man and woman believe they're mature enough to engage in sexual activates without protection, then they are ready to face the repercussions of their actions and should keep the baby.

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