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            "Abortion operations gone wrong on the next Maury Povich Show!" What? What is this I wondered to myself. I was about 11 years old when I saw this show and what horror it brought to my mind and heart is unexplainable. On the show were kids my age and younger with handicaps. Some were missing a leg or an arm. Some had brain damage or lung problems. What went wrong? The abortion did. The mothers of the children had gone in for an abortion and instead of killing the whole the fetus the doctor only took out some of the fetus. When the women found out they were still pregnant it was to late to have another abortion. How could a mother even consider killing her child? What was more important than life? These questions have rattled my mind for years. This show opened my heart and mind into the world of abortion.
             This show and many others like it got me interested in the topic of abortion by puzzling my mind with questions that could only be answered by my own opinions. Depending on how I was brought up and my morals, values, and how I thought decided what the answer to the question was for me. Did I think the killing of an unborn person was okay or did I think it was wrong? Did I think it was all right to deny an already living person the right to chose and live as they chose or did I think it was wrong. .
             I chose pro-life because I think it is wrong to kill another human being born or unborn. I think it is wrong to use abortion as a form of birth control. I also think it is wrong to deny the child a chance to live because of its mother's and father's mistakes. .
             An abortion is a procedure that women go through to terminate the life of their child. They go to a doctor's office where the doctor takes the embryo out of the womb of its mother. They then dispose of the embryo. This is all I know about the procedure of abortion.
             I think that the reason women have abortions is because they are not responsible enough to take care of the result of their own mistakes.

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