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Harnessing the Wind - A Renewable Source of Energy

            Wind energy is an alternate source of generating electricity, usually obtained from moving air, which depends on the motion of wind resulting from the temperature of the earth (heating and cooling). The power is consumed through the turbines and generated by its magnetic fields. Wind Energy is always useful energy by the action of wind currents on moving surface, such as, the sails of ship, or the blades of a wind turbine. Wind Energy is one of the fastest growing energy sources in the World, which is an indirect form of Solar Energy. .
             Why use Wind Energy (Turbines)?.
             The main reason why wind turbines are becoming so popular is because of low cost, cleaner, and very efficient way of generating electricity. Turbines do not require acquiring Carbon Emissions since; turbines are not dependable on fossil fuel. .
             Environmental Benefits.
             The production of electricity in the United States that is not under the wind power produces more pollution then any other industry. Wind Energy reduces poor air quality, acid rain, nuclear waste disposal, and global warming. .
             Health Benefits.
             Smog, which is caused by power plant emissions, can lead to acute health effects such as, coughing, wheezing, and severe headaches. High ozone days can be very harmful and risky, which enables elders and children to remain in-door. Other conventional power production generates fine particles that are toxic in nature and can be very dangerous for heart and long diseases, including cancer. It will be beneficial to invest in wind energy to help reduce the health problem and therefore enable a brighter future. .
             Economic Development.
             "Wind turbines use less than 5 percent of the land on which they are sited." The remaining 95 percent can be used for many things, such as, farming, ranching, or forestry. Wind Energy also brings jobs and revenues for rural communities. "A single wind turbine can power 500 homes." If single wind turbine can provide electricity for 500 homes, then why not invest more money on productive wind projects and save more than billion in a year.

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