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The Importance of Renewable Energy

            Energy is something that humans forget about and ignore that it is something crucial to everyone. By doing this people are taking advantage of it and forgetting how important it is that all of Earth's recourses are not used up. Men every day around the globe but their blood sweat and tears into mining coal. The demand for energy is extremely high and it is pushing many to sacrifice their lives for the sake of energy. If instead alternate energies were used that rely on nature to do the work many lives would be saved every year. Recourses cannot be recovered after these fossil fuels are burned up by vehicles' engines and the only way to prevent this is by using other sources of energy than the mined unrenewable energy sources.
             Because of the usage of these fuels "At the end of the 1990s, approximately 90% of the UK's energy needs came from fossil fuels: coal, oil, and gas." This has to stop or at least the use of these fuels needs to slow down. They are non-renewable resources and they take millions of years to form in the earth. The world is using them up extremely fast and based on the current rate that they are being used the Earth could run dry of gasoline in as soon as 2043 and coal in 2088. The only choices that are available are to either run dry of fossil fuels and struggle to recover or start action now or use other means of creating energy. The Earth may seem huge but resources are not infinite and this is what need to be realized in order to create a clean new energy that can be produced without worry.
             Fossil fuels are cheap and make unfathomable amounts of energy. It seem illogical to switch over to other more expensive energy sources that do not produce near the same amount of energy as these fossil fuels. The renewable energies take up a lot of space in order to create the same as a coal plant, but there is one problem with this. Although the coal plants do generate a mass amount of energy they are not a resource that will be there forever.

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