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            Energy is important to the lifestyle of every American. Not only energy but also oil and natural gas are the majority of the country's power. The importance of petroleum to the nation's economy and security is very high. The major factor that is important for us today is Petroleum. It is the most used energy source used in the United States because the nations 38% of energy comes from Petroleum. .
             Other energy sources such as Hydropump, wind and solar power are all Inexhaustable source. These Sources never go out, it can be used for ever and ever. Petroleum, on the other hand, is only limited because its an non renewable source. As a result, our country has become dangerously dependent on imported energy. The U.S. dependency on imported oil recently reached 60 percent. .
             The petroleum is mainly used for cars. The prices for the petroleum have increased a lot over the years. Today, an average gallon of petroleum costs about $2.10 in many states while other's charge much more. Also, the demand for it has tripled since 1985. If the demand for Petroleum continues to increase then eventually in 2050, there won't be any left to be used for cars. In my opinion, I think we should do more to conserve it. Every effort to develop National energy policy has failed. But I think that we just have been not trying hard enough to save the petroleum. .
             In my opinion there is one way we can conserve Petroleum. I think that we should focus on building more of cars such as gasoline-electric Hybrids. The gasoline-electric hybrid car is just a cross between a gasoline-powered car and an electric car. This type of cars will save a lot of Petroleum and also not put pollution in the air. I believe that it would be better if car company's would start producing more of these type of cars. .

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