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Water and Petroleum and Producing Power

            Water or petroleum? Maintain or survive? These two questions, answers depending on each other, are the questions at stake to sustain life. Water is essential to survival while petroleum is essential to the life of the modernized country. Water and petroleum are different, but, they are similar; they are both highly valued in people's lives. Both can produce power and everyday items such as clothing, even though the process is different. Maintaining is preserving life and surviving is not being able to continue without these resources existing. .
             Water, like petroleum, is used in everyday settings. In an average morning routine water is used to flush a toilet, shower, brush teeth, and wash breakfast dishes. It is also used for drinking, cleaning, cooking, power, growing food and other crops. American households use on average 150-250 gallons of water daily. Industries use water to generate electricity, manufacture, and transport goods and people. Water is considered to be the most precious resource and is vital to life (Uses of Water "). Humans, plants, and animals are mainly made up of water; all living things would not be able to survive without water. Water is a necessity to life. Petroleum, on the other hand, is a necessity to the modernized country. Petroleum is also capable of cleaning, cooking, and producing power, similar to water. It provides medicine and is used to make crucial items such as heart valves, contact lenses, and bandages ("Petroleum "). All are items that have been invented to enhance life. Petroleum is a non-renewable source which its default, but petroleum is a desirable resource to people today. It powers their technology and transportation. It is found in everyday items such as detergent, makeup, plastics, and heating devices (Petroleum). Petroleum is not essential to life but it is to the modern country.
             Water and petroleum are comparable in the sense that they are involved in producing similar products.

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