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Nuclear Power for New Jersey

            It is predicted that the sources of fuel currently used to produce energy will be depleted by the middle of this century. This is why we are very eager to share with all of you, a brand new energy company, HydroNuc. You are all probably thinking, "What is so different about HydroNuc? It's just another company trying to rob us of our money!- But no, we are as reliable as a utility company can be, you simply can't afford to gamble! HydroNuc plans to provide the entire Mid Atlantic Region with dependable energy, as sources of crude oil decrease. A very renewable source, hydroelectric energy, has shown to only be used .85% by the Mid Atlantic Region. Clearly, we are putting this very efficient, renewable energy source, to waste.
             Although the majority of the Mid Atlantic Region is urban, large cities do not cover most of the Mid Atlantic Region, but they have accounted for about ½ of the total Mid Atlantic Population since 1980. Between 1967, and 1995, the Mid Atlantic Region's population has grown by 20%. Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland's population combined today is approximately 35,200,000. And because the Mid Atlantic Region's population is quite high, we believe that having only one energy source would not be sufficient enough, which is why we chose to offer both hydro electricity, and nuclear fission.
             Because 3 out of 4 of the Mid Atlantic Region states border the Atlantic Ocean, we believe that hydro electric power would be a fantastic source of energy! Not only is it conveniently right along our border, but it is also a renewable source of energy! Hydroelectric power has been around for a while, but never spread around too much. Falling water produced electricity for the very first time on September 30th, 1882, in Appleton, Wisconsin. Since this contribution to modern science, hydroelectric power production has risen to a whopping 2,044 billion kilowatt hours worldwide.

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