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Albert Einstein

            Albert Einstein is considered to be one of the greatest and most popular scientists of all time. His name is associated with genius and is know is almost every household even thou his inventions and discoveries are not always fully understood. With out him the world we know today would not be the same and such simple things as television would not be here. Einstein never wanted money or fame but only to make life better for other and to pursue his love of science and to always learn more about the world. Einstein was never satisfied with the results and always wanted to learn more or go further with this findings. His life was not always so good to him and he had a lot of personal problems on his road to becoming one of the most known scientists in the world.
             It all began on March 14, 1879, in Ulm, a city in the state of Wurttenmberg, Germany. Son of Hermann and Pauline Kock Einstein. Albert was always surrounded by science even since his early age, when Albert was one year old his family moved to Munich where his father and uncle ran a small engineering plant. In 1881, Albert's sister Maria was born, she was nicknamed Maja she would later recall how heavily would Albert concentrate when he would build houses of cards.
             Albert did not begin talking until the age of 3, later he would say that heI was putting words together in my mind and did not want to start speaking until I could do it right?. Albert's mother had a passion for music and wanted for her children to have it too, so little Albers was taught violin. Later he would often play his violin when he could not solve the mysteries of the universe.
             Albert was sent to a local Catholic school primary school. Albert could not fallow the strict rules and did badly in school. He had excellent grades in mathematics, Latin but very poorly in rest of subjects. His teachers always said that he was a dreamer and will never be much in life. .
             At the age of 15 Albert was send to secondary school in Munich's Luitpold Gymnasium.

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