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Mileva Marić: Albert Einstein's Wife

            The famous Mileva Marić was most recognized for being the ex wife of the famous Albert Einstein. She was born on December 19, 1875 into a wealthy family in Titel, Serbia. She was the eldest daughter of three children, and her parents were named Marija Ružić, and Miloš Marić. While in grade school she had thirst for knowledge and exceeded in physics and Mathematics. Being she was so well educated she was able to attend an all boys school in Zagreb as a teenager. While first attending school at the University of Zurich, she was studying medicine but decided to change her major after just one semester. Mileva decided to attend the Zurich Polytechnic School(ETH) in which she majored in teaching, mainly in the categories of Physics and Mathematics. Mileva was "nearly 21, and only the fifth woman to be accepted by the ETH(Source 3)". She was very successful her first two years of college. .
             While attending the University she met a man enrolled in similar courses, named Albert Einstein, who shared the same love for science. She was a bit older than him as he was only 17. Albert was the oldest child who was born into a Jewish couple in Munich, Germany. Albert Einstein went unnoticed to Mileva for a while. It wasn't until she spent a semester in Heidelberg, Germany that they began to exchange letters and find interest in one another. Einstein begged for her return and when she finally did their friendship evolved into a relationship. Her parents were very accepting of their relationship while his parents were against them due to him being several years younger and them differing in cultural and religious backgrounds. As their relationship evolved, she was failing in the area of studies terribly. In 1900 she had failed her final exams and Einstein graduated and began looking for work. She decided to stay in Zurich and work as a lab assistant and continue to prepare for her exams.

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